Subsequent to the declaration of the National State of Disaster on 15 March 2020 and
the Regulations promulgated thereof, announcement made by State President on
Tuesday, 26 May 2020 regarding reopening-up of Places of Worship as Essential
Service Providers from 01 June 2020 (subject to stipulated restrictions and
requirements) and amendments to the said Regulations underAlert Level 3, the TACC
is instructing all its Church Officers and Members to strictly comply and adhere to
the stipulated requirements without fail including upholding highest levels of hygiene.
Over and above these stipulations TACC is now publishing the attached Guidelines
and Procedures for Worshipping under Covid-19, to ensure compliance and safety
of its Members. These guidelines must be posted at the entrance to each TACQ Place
of Worship.
Please note that this circular directs you to resume Church Services not earlier that
Sunday, 14 June 2A20. This will allow time to develop Plans for domplying with the
issued Regulation and TACC Guidelines (herein attached), prepare the Places of
Worship and workshop the Officers and congregants about the new way of
worshipping God. lf you are not ready to comply with the issued Regulations and the

attached TACC Guidelines, please postponethe start of the Church Services to a later
date. This circular is only applicable to TACC Members in South Africa. For other
countries, separate circulars will be issued to comply with Govemrnent Regulations of
those particular countries. Schools are not to be used as Places of Worship,
alternative venues will have to be sought. The special requirements for identified
“hotspof’ areas should also be complied and adhered to.
We trust that you will strictly comply and adhere with the stipulated requirements and
conditions as you have never disappointed us before.
Yours in Christ