Philippines First Sealing Report


The evangelical work in the Philippines was initiated by certain Philippines Pastors who had interest of fellowshipping with the Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ (TACC) after they interacted with the TACC – London website. They made some enquiries from TACC – London through emails. TACC – London redirected these emails to the Chief Apostle in South Africa. The Chief Apostle commissioned Apostle Zungula and Apostle Khukula to get in touch with the said Pastors with the intention of evangelising in the country of the Philippines. After exchanging some emails and documents with the Philippines Pastors, the evangelical work started in the Philippines.

On 15 August 2019 Apostles Zungula and Khukula visited the Philippines and managed to hold Church Services in three Branches in the Philippines. This date is significant because it marked the formal establishment of TACC in the Philippines, though there were interactions previously through emails and phones. The main contact person was Pastor Joel Catindoy Jadol of Tagum City in the northern part of the Province of Davao. During this visit, a hunger of the Word of God as it is understood by the Apostles was noticed to be at a high level from the Philippines Pastors. The reception received by the two Apostles from the Philippines was very warm. At times there were few elements who would water down the teachings of the Apostle and rubbish everything that was said by the two Apostles. Congregants of the Philippines were the first to defend the Apostles.

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