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Apostle Day

TACC International Apostle Day Service May 2013

Venue: Absa Stadium

Province: Eastern Cape: East London

Summary report and teachings from TACC President

The Apostles of God!! The Apostles of Jesus Christ!! The Apostles of all Times!!

The time has come that world accept God that dwells in flesh. Believe me or not but the fact remains, Apostles are dominating the world.

It was one of unforgettable moments again where thousands of multitudes of Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ (TACC) converged in the fields of Absa Stadium in East London where the church head offices are situated. It was fruitful thee day of event that began on the 24th, 25th and 26th of May 2013 where Friday was for meeting and welcoming of Guest at Moth Hall, Saturday was a full service where officers were also annointed and greetings per countries and 27 was Sunday, the big day where 13 Apostles were annointed.

Out of all these mouth-watering days, Sunday covered all the beauty and rubber stamped the day one year event of Apostles. There were series of events led to the uniqueness. The following synopsis can be listed as the keynote to the gist of this Memorial Day of our life time:


•           07:00am          : The stadium is already fully packed. People are asked to congest

                                     inside the field where Apostles and other guests.

•           08:00am          : All the streets that lead to the stadium had Metro Police and .

Traffic officers and no car is allowed to cross the rail 

                                     leading to the stadium.

•           09:30am          : The Apostolate are marching towards the VIP Podium where the \                  

                                VIP Stand is situated.

•           09:45   : The Chief Apostles opens with prayer.

•           10:05   : The preaching continues

•           12:00   : 13 Apostles are anointed i.e. Apostle Bill, Apostle Don, Apostle Katsane, Apostle Mhambi, Apostle Lephoto, Apostle Haruna, Apostle Ndyoki, Apostle Seyamo, Apostle Sokomani, Apostle Nyathela,  Apostle Masimba, Apostle Mofokeng and  Apostle Siko.

When the Chief Apostle opened the service, it was clear that we were going to have the best Sunday Service in the full stadium which turned to be filled by the power of the Holy Spirit hovering around the children of Israel that were there. There was 5 minutes of silence where everyone inside the stadium was captured to the wilderness. A special guard of honour was formed prompted as half of the stadium was cascaded down heading to where the Chief of all Apostle was. This left visitors and other people who were not familiar with the power of Holy Spirit astonished and thunderstruck as this was an amazing moment of their life time. The number of people that attended almost doubled the number that used to be attending this event.

The Lord spoke to His people after He opened the service and read on the scriptures on the books of Genesis 2 vs. 7 “And the Lord God formed man out of dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. “He also quoted on the books of John 17: 3 “And this is life eternal that they may know as the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.” 

He said, “I just want to repeat this part, “And the lord formed a man from dust.


The creation of Man

What is made from the dust can be seen. Man was formed out of the dust and God breathed the breath of life. How many people were formed? There were two. The first man was from the material. The second man was spiritual taken from the spirit of God, and he became a living soul for in him there was a spirit of God. That doesn’t mean there was no spirit. We have, cattle’s, sheep and other animals but that doesn’t mean they are having the spirit of God. If man was formed out of dust had no spirit of God, that person would have not existed. If that man that was from the dust had no soul, he could have not existed. But the Spirit made the man to be alive.

When Adam ate from the tree, he died however, he continued living just like before as he was moving up and down without the spirit of God. That means he died spiritually. That person had soul but that soul was captured by the demand of the world though he could be controlled by the body. He was a captive. At that point when the spirit of God departed a man, he could have not have given life to man. He would have not been moving around looking for wives. In other words, the spirit of God made him to be looking for wife.

When God created a man, the first thing that was created was soul. The second thing was a casing to dwell this soul. The third thing that was created was a living man.


The man is in flesh not flesh

We have to agree that when God created man, He created flesh then a soul. He put these two together for God doesn’t like something separated. People then became confused thinking that a man is flesh not knowing that man is in flesh but not flesh. God created man from the dust. It means this man was visible. Then again, He took from His spirit and inserted to this man who was visible. And the man became a living soul.

There were processes that were going to happen that would make a man to be a living soul. This soul thought like God hence he became a living person.


The mind of God

The mind of God is life. If you have the mind of God, you have life. If you live without the mind of God, you have no life. You would move up and down looking for food and you will have the mind of flesh. Once you are ruled by God, you are not in the presence of God. You are a living soul who has the mind of God. The breath of God makes you to think like Him. You were created to think like God but in the absence of Spirit of God, that made you not to be in one mind with God.

The flesh tells you what to do as it cannot do things on its own. When you are ruled by flesh, you become the human being for the mind of God created you to be in one mind with God. God is love; it is the soul that can love for the flesh cannot love. God is spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth.


The Spiritual death of Adam

When Adam ate on the tree of life, he died. The mind of God was taken away from him. It is this part that made man to loose kingdom on people. This breath of life was giving man to have control on each and every creature on earth. Man died and he continued giving birth to dead people just like these selfish beings who like money for themselves. These selfish beings are worshiping God with intentions of fulfilling their greediness of wanting money for themselves in their congregations they lead. Man kept on giving birth to dead man.

Blessings in the church of God

We using this mind as evidence that we are from God. The healing power is the blessing that as given to you before you were born. When you get blessings, you activate what was from you before you were born.

Let’s say we have a congregation and we eat money through it. When the congregation grows, my money is growing. That is not the church of God; it’s the church of people who have bad intention.

You will claim that you are in a church of Christ because you can heal or you received change in life. It doesn’t matter which miracle you are making, but it is not by miracles that we can see God. Remember this, God sent Moses and gave him a rod which was full of power. He made miracle using this stuff. There were people that never met God but they did exactly what Moses did. That proves, to make miracle doesn’t mean you are from God.

There was man called John who was direct from God. He made no miracles but he had authority to forgive sins. God promised that he shall give peace unto people and he would bless his people with peace. You may heal people and perform lots of miracles but the problem in you is that you have no peace. What shows that we are from God is not a certificate of Theology. Your lecturer school of Theology might not even have met God’s word.

Man died and lost God’s love

That you carry certificate doesn’t mean you are from God. The only problem that we have is that men are natural loving creatures. But the day they died, they had limited love just like they do now. The love that man has gets frustrated and end.

Nevertheless, we are able to establish our own churches and they grow. When they have grown, our congregations try to kill us. They will say you are corrupt. Then they accuse you of being corrupt. When they are done, they decide to break away. They would say a Pastor likes woman. Then they decide to form a new church. Then they name the new church as a best church.

We have lost the breath of Love. Where there is the love of God, there is peace. Where there is forgiveness. Where there is forgiveness, there is grace. We are saved through grace. Grace is unconditional forgiveness. The proof that we have God is that we love our fellow brothers. We have passed death for we love our fellow brothers. If you have not passed death, you will never love your brothers.

The follows Jesus vs. followers of Christ

The follower of Jesus is called a Jesuits. The follower of Christ is called a Christian. The gospel that Christian preaches is the Gospel of Christ. The Gospel that is preached by Jesews’ is the gospel of Jesus.  Those who preach the gospel of Christ are those who bring the mind of God and that mind of God is called the breath of life. Without that breath of life, you can never be a Christian again.

We have Apostles anointed by Jesus Christ. They were twelve and the first Apostle was Peter. All other Apostles were nothing but Jesuits for they accepted Jesus and knew Jesus. They were in the presence of Christ but not in Christ. You can be in the church not being here with the mind of God. You can be in our TACC but not a member of TACC. There are people that are politicians who own t-shirts of the party but not being the party members at all. I even checked in our church, there is lot of corruption including in these political parties.  The question is; do we have to kill people before we can finish corruption? No. A person has to die and resurrect spiritual. It is pure that we should ask God that He works with us for what we see from people is within us.

No one is sin free

An Apostle Paul says, if anyone has no sin, is a liar. If you are looking for a liar, look for people who claim to be sin free. If you want to count the number of liars, look for people who claim to be sin free. This means, although he (Paul) was a saint, but had not stopped sinning. To be not without sin doesn’t mean that we can live without sin. God chose one of the dead men to lead other dead man. How can we be useful for God’s use?

2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”  We can only be free when the spirit is upon us. We have to be free. When we are free, we have can be able to change others. Once we are not free, we will be captives. There is no free person that will always have complaints because he is in chains.

This is what God did to free us. A son was born by man and he said give that son the name calling him Jesus. That son was given to David. Then the flesh was born and given a name called Jesus. Jesus was born of flesh. What is born of flesh is flesh and what is born of spirit is spirit. So He became flesh.

Jesus and his acceptance of Christ

Jesus was born in 7BC march. When he was, at 12 years he started to show signs of his skills and gift of preaching. He started collecting people and preached unto them. Out of those multitudes, he chose 12. In AD29 on Tuesday at 6AM, he was baptized. At that time, the Spirit of the Lord descended on him. And that spirit became the living soul. People used to call him Jesus the son of David, but because the son was born and there was a need for the new name. He was called Jesus Christ and not Jesus David anymore.

Your surname is the name of your Father. Hence Jesus was given a name of his Father which was Christ for he changed to be of spiritual being and no longer a flesh man. He now became the first man to be a new creature. Jesus says to his Apostle they are the salt of the world. This Jesus now was the Lord for the Spirit of the lord was upon him. We also need to have that life that was given by God to Apostle. This mind was only given to them only not to everyone. 

Only 11 Apostles had the mind of Jesus

We began to have 11 Apostles now who had this mind and Jesus was the 12th man. Judas was not an Apostle anymore now. Jesus said to them “Those whose sins you forgive are forgiven in heaven.”  It was because they were the combination of Christ and Jesus. These people now had ability to forgive the sins of man. They are in God for its only God that can forgive sins. If Jesus said to Peter, “All that you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.”  In other words, they have the mind of God. The fact that they were entrusted power to bind things on earth and in heaven meant they would control everywhere.

You can’t feel that control for God is the word. Once the word gets into your mind, you act according to what GOD says and you will have the kingdom of God. When you don’t have that word which is the breath of life, you have no kingdom of God in you. Imagine if all in South Africa had this Holy Spirit and being controlled by this spirit, would we not be ruled by peace in this country? Would you not love all the parties regardless of their origin?

Reverends don’t you want this life include Politicians and criminals, therefore, allow Apostles to give you Holy Spirit so that you can have the mind of God. God has made only one plan.


Jesus Christ who is that sent

Jesus Christ says in the book of John 17:3 say “This is the eternal life that they may know you as the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”

Do you know how the man of God is anointed? God said to Moses, “Collect all men and gather them in the tent. He said then, “I Jehovah, I will descent and take a portion from you and put it Aaron. In other words, God was creating other Moses. God doesn’t come with the Spirit Himself; He takes from one man to make another.

John 17 vs. 3 “This is eternal life that they should know you. John 17 vs. 4 says “The work that you have given me I have finished it. Now, Jesus Christ that He has sent is the Apostles. They should know Apostles as they are Jesus Christ that is sent today. Apostles are second Jesus’ that are sent. To waste time by praying in the tents for the Holy Spirit to descend is not as solution. It will never descend. Apostles have that authority. Read Acts 8 vs. 14.




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