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Teachings at The Special Joint Executive meeting on April 21, 2013

The Chief Apostle and President of TACC, Prof. Caesar Nongqunga addressed the Special Joint Executive Committee Meeting on Sunday, 21 April, 2013. This is a summary of his teachings.

This is a Special Joint Executive Meeting which was called especially to address certain issues. Therefore, it doesnít have an agenda. Today, I want to speak about 5 things:

Creation of Human being

Purpose of God

The love that is God

The love that is of God


1 Creation of Human Being

Do we understand that God didnít start by creating a human being first? Do we understand that man became the last creation? Do we understand that man was also the first creation? Look here, if you read from Genesis 2 vs. 7, it says, "And theLord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being". (NKJV)

"Genesis 2 vs. 7,t says that God created a man with dust. That means man is dust. And it says that He breathed onto him with the breath of life, and then man became the living soul." There are two men created now. The first man is created as a man with hands but how doesnít have the breath of life. Then later on, God breathed to this flesh and the man became a living soul. That means we had two men in one body. Hence Apostle Paul talks about the inner person and the outer person.

The Inner person is Godís man. The bible says it was dark. The book of John 1 vs.14 says that God the Word became flesh. "God the Word" means that God that was the Word became flesh. In other words He gave birth to flesh. There was God in the beginning being in the Word and the Word being in God. Do you understand that this is not just a philosophy, itís something said from one thing?

The bible says, God became the Word became flesh, the Word being the light and light being life itself. In other words, the light is life and light is in God then God said "let there be light". This light was not the moon and stars but it was in the Word and this light was life itself. On the bases that the bible is telling the truth, we canít move and shake due to fear looking for something beside what I am going to tell you.

The bible states that John was there before creation. It says, "There was a man from God but this man was not the light although he came to testify about light." If this person was not the light, itís clear that he was darkness. On this day of creation, the purpose of God was to oppose the dominion of God through people like John (who was the darkness). Does this not tell you that the devil existed long time ago before the creation? Do you understand that darkness is a man and light is also a man? God once said there are spirits that listen to Him and there are those who donít hear Him. So, He created the light to chase the darkness which emerges the mind of God within the mind that is fighting God.

Jesus says, "I am the beginning and the end." Remember that Christ was created in the beginning while the darkness was already there. (You will have to stop me and ask if you donít understand.)

The bible says, "God became tired of the spirits." His Spirit was hovering above the water in the bottom of darkness. When Pastors want to heal people, they take them and immense them under water because water is darkness. To repeat what I am saying, God said, let there be light. Jesus is saying to his Apostles, "I am the light of the world". And he says again, "you are the light of the world". Which means, they are the very light that was first created. Light was created and there was need of it to be put in within the flesh. By the time the flesh was created, the same light was called to be also put inside this casing/body. In this body, the light was put inside and the same darkness was also put inside. If there was a man who came from God, that means there was also the spirit that was installed which was John.

Inside Eden, there were people who knew God and outside there were those who had no knowledge of God. Those that were outside came to influence those who had knowledge of God inside.

Adam means "creation of God." Adam was not the first man to exist on earth. He was the first man to know God. He is the first man who was created to know God. Adam came on earth on the 26 October 4004Bc. Man was already existing long time ago before Adam. If you say he was the first person, they were 4 in Eden, then Cane was chased away and he took his wife in other nations.

2. Purpose of God

There are many people that are fighting with the mind of God. They are also here in church and that doesnít perturb God. If it does, He would have not advised that there should be also anointment of Apostle of destruction i.e. Judas Iscariot. We are the ones that are perturbed not Him. The reason for us to be perturbed is because we want to have perfection. Is this perfection needed by us or God?

You can get into water for a bath and ask a person tol wash you thoroughly. When you are done, check your water, dirt will be there. Then you go for more water and wash again, same dirt will come out from this other water. It is because the body is dirt by nature. YOU can try to have perfection upon this earth; you will never achieve it as it is the purpose of God. God created man and woman and He was not insane. He ensured that there was a male and female in each and every creation. He even made a wife for Adam. The wife is always imperfect. Without the positive and negative i.e. without the positive and negative electron, then there can be no light. Light is made by people who are good and those that are bad.

3. The Love that is God

There is love that is God and there is love of God. Those are two separate loves that work differently. Love is the interaction of time. Love cannot be there when the two opposite, things are not together. You can try perfection but it will never happen. There is never any day that you can achieve perfection. There are people that are busy trying to build a new world claiming to build new world order, there can be no people that will be poor. There is no way that there can be no poor people in the world. I donít care even if you can work out your economy, but there is never be a situation where there are no poor people. Jesus says "Blessed are those who are poor in spirit for they shall eat the kingdom of heaven." There cannot be any king without the subjects.

4. Love of God

How do you accept the love that is of God? It is by accepting your flesh and the creation and the love of God for you accepted God that is love. You reveal yourself that you accepted this God through the love of God in a way that is endless. You donít have to be hurt. Once you are experiencing problems, accept everything in the manner God is presenting to you. Then you will have the love of God. When you have accepted God, you have liberty in spirit. People would do worse things to you and be sure that you will be hurt but see your instead being happy. It means you are born again and you are capable of accepting things that you cannot accept in your life.

Interaction of Spirit and flesh

Man became the beginning of creation and became the end for he concluded in creation. The man of the world and man of heaven were united and there was a creation of the creature that became spirit and flesh. The interaction between the spirit and flesh created the light. Here now we see the spirit that is rejecting the flesh. This Spirit starts hating other people because he hates himself. Look at the person who is angry, when he looks at himself on the mirror, he sees imperfection in himself. Then when he goes out, he sees children laughing and he thinks they laugh at him, and then he fights them.

People who believe that they are imperfect are always negative all the time because they lack love and love is God. This person changes immediately when there is a change in his face because he has impaction that is haunting him. You can eat eggs and come across people who donít eat them. When you see them, you become guilty as if they can see you. Itís like a person who has attitude. You will hear him saying "I donít care about anyone anymore." Itís because he is fighting with something that is within. Hence there are norms and values that are trying to put these spirits and this body in harmony.

Partners in marriage are made to be different

Your wife cannot like same things the way you do. There is no way that you can think alike. There must be an opposite forces that will be between you. You will wonder about looking for the best wife that thinks like you and you will never get one. So, in order to be in harmony in the house, learn to submit to your wife. You donít have commandment that says love your wife, itís God who gave you that commandment. Itís because man have ability to love everyone endless. Wife is like an animal that is in the cage that wants to jump out because itís locked up.

When you love your house, you will enter the house and your duty when you love it is to be happy inside because the love doesnít want you to leave for thatís where you love to be. Tell me, is there a need for a person who loves to love again? Why is he given commandment to love? Itís because he loves everyone. Now is controlled to love one person where God has placed him.

You wives, take care of your husbands. A man likes to be shown that he is great. Once you obey him and respect him, they will be fine. If you always shout at your man, he goes out to the neighbour next door and starts sharing the way you treat him. He again goes to another woman and shares. Women wonít fight with him, instead they will take care of him, mastering all that you are weak in doing. Itís like when you beat your child, she runs away from and checks in the house as to who will share her sympathy, then she stays there until she sleeps. So if you want to keep your man, hold your horses and keep your anger as this man will run away. Is there a man that is not like that?

Woman is created to neutralise and balance life of a man. Why this man should be neutralized? Why he is not happy when a person is in abundance of love. The reason why you have flesh that opposes you is to neutralize you. Once you are neutralized, then you will be a portion of God. Man is not God but is a portion of God. He is small God. A man is supposed to fulfil the creation of God. Let your flesh not control you and you must also not control your flesh. Be in union with flesh and understand each other. You are not supposed to control flesh and also not be controlled by flesh.

If you are hungry, eat so that your flesh can be happy. If you are thirsty, drink so that the flesh can be happy. Then you tell it that you itís time for you to go and do Godís work, surely it will support for it has been taken care of.

How do you accept God that is Love? It is by accepting your flesh and the creation and the love of God for you accepted God that is love. You reveal yourself that you accepted this God through the love of God in a way that is endless. You donít have to be hurt. Once you are experience problems, accept everything in the manner God is presenting to you. Then you will have the love of God. When you accepted God, you have liberty in spirit. People would do worse things to you and be sure that you will be hurt but see your instead being happy. It means you are born again and you are capable of accepting things that you cannot accept in your life.


You will never find a person who speaks pure truth. You would go across the world; you will never find the truth. Only Holy Spirit can speak truth. The more truth and less lies give you end results of truth. The more lies and less truth give you end results of lies. When you speak too much lies and less truth, the end results are lies.

You will never find wife that can tell you truth, forget. If you want truth, interact with one person and speak to another and compare that information, then it will give you truth.

Ask me questions, I will sit down and answer you later. You look puzzled. The reason you donít ask me is because you donít understand me. There are cases where officers say different things to you. When one comes, he crushes another person and that leads to confusion. So you must be in one mind with God so that you can speak the same thing to people you are leading.


Who was Adam?

Answer: Adam was like a monkey who progressed to be human. "Adamma" means taken from the ground. There is no date of the appearance of Adam but he was seen on the 27th of October 4004BC but he was not seen as a child.

Question: What made God to create all these things?

Answer: It was because of light. The light is the love of God. This is something that looks like God but it is not God. This love is life. This love will never be destroyed. In other words, a person who submits to the mind of God will never be destroyed. When God introduces His love, He uses law. He says; "Honour your parents so that your days on earth can be elongated. In other words, what will destroy your life is your failure to love your parents. All spirits that donít want to respect God perturb Him.

Everyone wants to be like God. That is why the snake said to Adam "God doesnít want you to be like Him." For instance, I can walk inside this hall with my dog and it passes here though there is a sign that says "No dogs are allowed". What will be your reaction? Will you not try to chase me with my dog? Will the dog say no? Let me not be the one with the God. Let say God come in dragging His dog, i.e. Jesus. He put it here, and say "Buck, tell them I am you and you are sent by me." He also did the same thing to Moses that he should tell people that He is God and all those who will come to Him would come through Moses.

Love unconditional

You must learn to love people that are sent by God. Itís a test for you to check whether you do have the love of God or not. If you have the love of God, you accept all. A person who doesnítí have love of God is not able to accept all. When Job came to a time where he was now matured, all bad things were harassing him until the wife left him. He came to a point of accepting himself and his challenges. He reached to the maturity of accepting God who is love and who loves everything. He says "I am not expecting only good from God for God is the creation of good and bad. He is God of the positive and the negative."

One minute is enough to stand on the mirror. Mothers who spend 20 minutes on the mirror donít even look at themselves anymore. They compare themselves with others as to how beautiful they are.

Where do these things that I tell you come from?

When person thinks he tries to boast my ego would say, "Itís been long time since I was in this church since the time of Apostle Pakathi and Apostle Ndlovu but things you say to us are new". To me itís like this person is saying I am better than my Father who gave birth to me. I am not special. All these things I teach you are from my Father Apostle Phakathi and he took them from Apostle Ndlovu. I just presume that you were still young at that time and I was older than you hence you start hearing them now because you are matured.

The word was in existance and will remain in existance forever. Yours is to thank God that He grown you up and gave you the eyes to see things and ears to here. I am old and I know my sins and I know my Saviour. You canít say I am better than a person who made me. You are not telling the truth to me. Do you understand that you did exist before you became in existence.

The question is, why you donítí understand that you were in existence? It is because of the limitation that God has given you. If you take a child and put it here to preach, the child hears what is spoken but the mind is not having the ability to respond. When he is old, all those things are retrieved by the mind. You will hear him saying, "I just saw myself doing this but I donít know when I learnt to do it."

Discovery is something that existed before but you were not in a position to figure it out then. Now when you are grown up, you retrieve what you saw. Children who are grown up then did things that they never saw. There were no Television then but they managed to discover things that were not known. These things just happen.

Do you know what I am answering? God will remain God for He has a way of revealing Himself to people. You can kill all the Apostles and make sure that they are no Apostles. Then God will take a child and let him grow up and you will hear him claiming to be an Apostle. People will deny that but he will claim that continuously.

Truth cannot be destroyed.

Truth cannot change because you donít want to hear it. If you are busy with researches and books and thing that Apostles were doing, you are going to miss this. You will have to listen to the word. Do you think God can kill the Apostles? Do you think God can make Apostles and kill them forever? What was in existence then exists now and will exist in future. Devil was in existence, is existence now and shall remain in existence forever. Now the question is who are the true Apostles?

People took two roses, the artificial one and the living one and gave them to King Solomon to identify the living rose. As Solomon was puzzled, God helped him by sending a bee to sit on the living rose as it canít sit on the artificial one. God shows himself through His wisdom. Canít your soul see a person who has a deeper understanding than yours?

Why are you at TACC?

Itís because you were conquered by the wisdom of God. Hence the Apostles say "We were conquered by the word of God". In other words, they had to fight against him and they were defeated and joined Him. So once you are defeated, you become satisfied. Once you are satisfied, all your attempts are gone. When you are here, you are defeated by the dogma of Apostles. You have tried to search it and be against it until you were defeated. You reveal yourself through the love of God when you are in the church of Apostles. In other words, your heart stops to be against God. It comes to a point of understanding God and accepts Him in Human being and start to be seen by loving people that God has sent.

Are you what I am saying or you would like to be like that? Do you understand that you are not like all that I taught you?

When the person has moved and transgressed above constitution is no longer being controlled by him. You donít have to chase that person away of fight him. He is not controlled by himself. Forgive that person. What if he is sent by God to test you?

Why Christ had to move from one body to another?

Let us now check God now. The enemy nailed the feet of Jesus in the cross. This cross is referred to as a tree of disgrace. This tree of disgrace is holding all the feet of the messenger of God. So Jesus couldnít do anything as his feet were held. The enemy also nailed the hands of messenger of God not to be able to offer. The nation was not able to be helped for the hands of the messenger of God were not able to be laid to their heads and save them.

The enemy took the spear and stub him to death. But water came out instead of blood. How could Christ not leave Jesus in that situation? The messenger was not able to do anything because the body was not able to give or do anything as the hands were removed. That is why Christ had to move from this body to the living body that could continue with this work.

You are here but you donít contribute tithes and offer. Once you donít offer or contribute tithes and evangelize, the spirit in you departs you. It wonít negotiate with you. It left even Jesus and he was shocked that his Father could leave him.

Answer me here. Do you remember that Jesus came and give instructions to his people saying they should go and make all nations disciples? Now why he turned and called Saul and said he is a dish to eat for the nations? Remember, he is the one who brought Apostle Paul who has been fighting Apostles throughout. Would you answer me in that question?

God has a character for His own things and He became in existence before we existed. God is like this, when you are young, you are born and you canít see things. Then when you are old, you start seeing new things and you will think they are new whilst they were in existence then. A child is conceived and not seen but exists but seen later in your eyes and you might think he is just born now only to note he has been in existence long time ago.

God took Paul who have been in the nations and sent him there not Apostles who he once said they should not go to the nations. Hence Bishop is asking whether you once went to Rome or Anglican. We need a person who will go down to the nations as he used to go there and start preaching the Gospel to people who he used to see and meet.

Bring all Tithes and Offerings in the house of God

Iím sure you donít want to be left by God. This word you always say that we eat your tithes and offerings will haunt you. You will be seen struggling and you must know that your money eats you. Go and prepare for Apostle Day. You must not only prepare for it with money but we should pray to God to drive these people that are coming well on the roads and they should also go back well.

To come here is not the waste of time. You should be blessed and you wonít lose anything for coming you.

May God grant you all the good things and remove all the evil around you including things that were crawling towards you should die where they are before hurting you. For you to come here should be the time to see your blessings. You should see all the things that you were looking for as you came in here.

I would also like to give thanks to the Apostles for coming in numbers here. May God bless you together with all your houses and your congregations as you leave this Church Hall.


Reporter, C/E Tima



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