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Report of TACC Central Council Meeting

held on 02-03 February 2013

at TACC Moth Hall, East London, South Africa

It was the big day that everyone was waiting for as it was going to provide direction for the coming year and give a briefing of the Annual Greeting. Members of TACC structures came in numbers from across the country and outside South Africa to listen to what the TACC Chief Apostle and President Professor. C. Nonqgunga was going to say to his congregation.

The President began his sermon on a high note; people were already warmed up inside the hall singing. A hall already overflowing with people who were eager to hear the teachings of the opening of the year. He opened the service without  delay and began his teachings by saying “The Annual Greeting is written here in me and I will tell you about it now. The question of when the actual hard copy will be written, will be answered later.”

Many people in the world have a problem with knowing God who comes through flesh for they don’t believed that flesh can have God. God took rock that was made for building to be the Rock of Ages. That means the particular person that you undermine is the one whom God chooses to lead His people. If God can take all the people that you love and make them leaders, you would be happy. Unfortunately, the way that goes to heaven doesn’t go where you like.

The mind of man vs. the mind of God

God doesn’t have your mind. The mind of a man is the mind that perishes but the mind of God doesn’t. The mind of people can change by being in contrary to what was said yesterday and that means he is a new person now. Jesus said “Go to the lost sheep of the Israel and not the Samaritans” at that time, he was not yet saved. After he accepted Christ he said, “Go to all the houses including the houses of Samaritans” and those were the houses he said they should not go to before. That showed that he accepted God. So, a person can change daily as a result you can’t judge him for what he said yesterday.

The year of power

This year is declared the year of power. This church is the house of God which is your soul. You can be in this church but not have the house of God and the house of God doesn’t’ have the name called Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ (TACC) but the name which is the soul. Your soul is the claim of God for it has been taken from Him. That is why you are able to stay with God for you are His portion. We talk about the construction of spirit which is the house of God not the building of church name which changes when people like to change and open new churches.

The mind of God is the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit within your own spirit, there is an absence of the mind of God. I know you do have questions that you are asking. You must be saying, you did receive the Holy Spirit and why you are involved in these teachings. I did not say you did not accept the Holy Spirit but I’m not sure if you did accept it.

The Church of God vs. the Church of People

When I look at you, I see bricks. If you are building a brick yard, when the work is done, people that are cruel use the bricks that were left unused to fight one other. That is why when people from this church are able to do all the bad things although they are members of this church. When we speak of the church of God, we don’t speak about TACC as it is just an organization.  But the church of God is the church where we are sure that its people have accepted the Holy Spirit.

Let’s talk about other churches out there. The fact that there is this Apostle of this person and Apostle of that person is a sign that it is not the church of God but church of people.  If God can come against what he says cannot be the true God. God cannot promise you something and not give you.

I was surprised during the Sealing Services when I came to an insane man whom I decided to skip from giving the Holy Spirit seeing that he was insane. When I was about to anoint the others, the insane man followed me and asked that I should give him the Holy Spirit as well. Then I realized that this person was not insane but it was me whose mind was insane. So, I sealed the man for God said “Ask and you shall be given” and that person asked so I had to give him the Holy Spirit.

Before you build you first collect the bricks. The bricks are cut and shaped in order to be made into good bricks for building. So, in this church, there are also people who must be made ready for God.

The bible says "He who is in God, God is in him”. It doesn’t say those that are in Old Apostle Church (OAC), New Apostle Church (NAC) or TACC but it says the one who is in God. You can be with God but not in God. What you want to do is in your mind, which is not in God's mind, nor is not the mind of the Spirit.

Breakaway/split in churches

If all Apostles were in God being God, we would have not having breakaways of people now. Would it be possible that a member could leave the church to join the other church? That means that the break-away was done deliberately by God Himself . If he didn’t do that, you would not have been here now. The days of lack of knowledge was done by God deliberately. The reason why God made these churches to fight was because of His plan to reconstruct His church. God can send anyone and it doesn’t mean that if you are beautiful then you are one who must be sent. God can even send insane people. It doesn’t change you not to have God if you are ugly or insane. That is why we also tolerate people that are out in this church who act insane because God made them to be like that.

That you stay in this church to fix a person whom you see as wrong, you are wasting your time for you never created this person. Give the person to God for He created him. But ask yourself this question, if you are perturbed by a creation of God, will you not be perturbed by God? Once you are perturbed by a person on things that he does, rather pray to God to change your mind. Tolerate the person that perturbs you for God is watching him/her. So, don’t make a plan to remove of embarrass that person. Give him to God to take care of Him.

Warnings about year 2013

David was running away from his own son (Absalom) and as he was running, children came out of the bush and made a joke about him laughing at him. The man called Joab who was his body guard wanted to kill them and David advised him to let them go for it might happen that they have been sent by God. After he said that, God came as a bear and the bear killed the kids.

This year will not pass without this incident happening. This is the year of the power.

The Power of the Holy Spirit

 The power of the Holy Spirit is what people don’t want to understand. The Power of the Holy Spirit is the power that is beyond the healing. Jesus says to his eleven men, “You shall receive power”. He first told them about the promise of their forefathers. He said, “You shall receive power once our father has seen that the Holy Spirit has descended to you.”The Power of the Holy Spirit is not the power to heal. These men were 70 and God gave them the power to heal. That power was not just the power but the power to heal. The men went out and healed, but later on 58 broke away, only 12 were left. The power of the Spirit is not the power to give an instruction. The deacon can send the brothers to chase away the demons. That is not the power of the spirit but the power to heal.

Once there is peace and people are united and praying, God gives them what they want without any problem. The power of the Spirit is not things that are done because you want them to happen that way. These are things that God make them to happen for He wants them to happen that way.

The power of the Holy Spirit dwells in people’s minds for they are the church of the mind so that the word can come out with this power.

Difference between Word and Voice

There is a difference between the word and the voice. The word is the spirit. The voice is that which is said by the spirit. Like your voice is that which has been said by the Spirit. The word is the Spirit of the Lord. What is said by the Spirit of the Lord is what is said by word. What is said by the word is that which is coming from the voice.

Without the Spirit of the Lord, there is no voice that can come from God. So, without the Word, then all that you say is not from the Spirit.

The Church of the mind

Before there can be the power of the Spirit, there must first the word. The word speaks in the mind. If you are senseless or insane, you are not able to accept the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit is accepted by the mind. This is the church of the mind. If you have received the Holy Spirit, then we see by changes in your mind. If you think in one mind with God, there is nothing that can defeat you. When you have the mind of God, you can say something thinking that you are joking and see it happening just like that. Remember, God does not accept Jokes.

Sleeping in church

You have been here for a long time in this church but I’m not sure if you are in God. If you were in God, you would not sleep when you are in church. When you are sleeping, you don’t have the mind. You cannot repeat what God has been saying. God doesn’t’ sleep as he keeps the Israelites day and night. God doesn’t get tired. Once your mind gets tired, it means you are not from God.

We grew up in church where officers would have a trick of sleeping during the sermon. Those are empty vessels in God. We grew up being told that it’s good for our Officers to sleep during the sermon because they must have nice dreams. But our God is a God of time. Those tricks have changed now. There is no God that can make a man sleep whilst He talks. The reason people sleep is that they are against or don’t like what is taught.  When God speaks things that they don’t like, they start thinking bad and decide to sleep. Once he does that, surely he is going to sleep. That’s Psychologically proven.

Just look at people that claim to be saved, once you speak facts to them, you see them going out of the door. If a person can’t adjust with the situation, what is chasing him away? The devil leads them to the door. It’s normal to adjust to an environment that you are not used to especially when you are a visitor.

To be against your Officer

You are structures of the building but you are criminals. Things that you think are against God. Just think ever since you came in this church, you are not on good terms with your officers. Just judge yourself between you, the Holy Spirit and your officer. Who is talking the truth between the three of you? Holy Spirit chose this man to lead you, and then you say your officer is a devil. How do you think the Holy Spirit feels? You would ask why God chose this nonsense man to lead you. Remember, that nonsense man was chosen by the Holy Spirit in your presence. What are you trying to say about this Holy Spirit? What makes you think God can favour you over your officer?

Then tell me, let’s say you were chosen to be Apostle on the same day, this man was chosen in your presence and your Holy Spirit has never change to choose this man because he is ugly. What makes you to complain? If you keep on saying this Apostle is not God, do u say Holy Spirit was wrong for choosing him? You are Judas Iscariot that is in the church. So, this year won’t pass without you being taken care of. Nobody will ever rob other people in this church again now. Those days are over.

Jesus said to these men, “you shall receive power”. These guys had been with Jesus but they had no power all along. The power of the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with healing but they are in love. The love of God is to keep the commandments. When you have the power, you are being led by your officer, you let him lead you. The fact that you get perturbed by your leader proves that you don’t have power.

Receive the Holy Spirit

When you come in this church the apostles say ‘The Holy Spirit must descend upon you and make a cloud”. The Holy Spirit is upon you. Then Apostle would lay his hand upon you and say “receive the Holy Spirit”. He must wait for your response after that. Once you have responded, it doesn’t mean you have thrown away the Old Adam and you can even be an Apostle without you throwing him away.

You can be like a snake that is anointed that changes all the decisions that are taken by God. It is because the Holy Spirit has not yet descended in your mind. When the Holy Spirit has not yet descended in you, you can be seen fighting your brethren. If you are born in Spirit, you will never rise against your brethren. 

The Holy Spirit once descended in Hades and captured captives. If you can also be taken to Hades, you would see dead people and see you as the only person that is alive. But if you are in Spirit, your mind will never see people that are dead in church but what you see will be children of God. Once you reach that stage of seeing all your brethren around you as alive as you, you become the church of God and a place that the children of God can stay in.  That is the church we refer to as a church of God.

The true church of God

The church of God is in the Holy Spirit. Where is the church? It is in the mind. What is the mind? It is your Spirit which is called soul. God dwells in the soul for the soul was in God before it became into your spirit. So, your soul is just the small mind that you are borrowed from God for you. Hence it is that the Holy Spirit is the fulfilment of what is in your mind which is a promise that you will stay with God until God comes back to stay with you in Spirit. Man has peace but his peace is half. Man has love but his love is not full. When man is filled by Holy Spirit, he becomes eternal love. Same as grace, when it fulfilled it becomes eternal grace. Christ is the last man to make our souls to be fulfilled.

This is the year of Power

When we say this year is the year of Power we mean that last year we were saved from cruelty and we still need to burn it for we still have it. After we burn it, we should live in Spirit. Hence we should work by building the church of God for it is in the construction of God to build the church. If the house is not well burned, there is always cruelty. How to burn it if you are still in it? You can’t until you are burnt first.

Cruelty should burn in your soul. When we burn it, a person that will feel the pain is you, for cruelty doesn’t feel any pain. You will see tomorrow how clean your heart is. Surely God will do that for he doesn’t do something without giving you any notice.

Now, when God puts together His house, He brings Apostles who will love you more. When a person changes, he act against things he said yesterday. The Apostles you see now you will see them differently tomorrow. You will be the ones who insult them as people that don’t have straight ways. When God arrives in His church, there is no man that can have straight ways. He acts against things he has said yesterday. So, the best thing is to be in Spirit and agree with what the Spirit speaks with you. Leave the Apostles alone rather than strive to be loved too much because you want them to agree with you. Once they turn against your view, you will be hurt and want to kill them. We will never disregard our Apostles as they will be born again from their trespassing. So, never think that we will reprimand them for your benefit.

Remember that God was not a f00l when He chose these men. Wait and see this year that truly these Apostles were from God. Be in agreement with the mind of your own leader. If not, come to him and tell him. Rather train yourself to accuse your mind instead of your officer so that Holy Spirit can correct your own soul.

This is the year of sanctification

Once you speak of the year of sanctification, there is nothing that can be righteous. What is righteous doesn’t say it’s beautiful. Most women that are married are not married because they are beautiful. But it’s because they are only chosen for their own men. What is right is measured on its own level. It was God for Jesus to be a legitimate child but God had to make him to come from that family.

To compare God with gods.

Is there a reason to gossip about a child of God? How sure are you that this person is not loved by God? If you are an Apostle and you a traditional healer, do you want to compare God with your herbs? Are you not comparing God with gods. This year, God will give you a long rope and rope yourself until your time ends. That which you think is a blessing can happen that it’s your own death.

Most people say this church has changed, but they don’t know that it’s still the same church. The difference is that it doesn’t curse people but they curse themselves. We should not judge so that we cannot be judged. We should not agree to hatred so that we can’t be hated.

What does hatred give you? We should learn to pass away from gossips. There is no Apostle that can be a liar. It’s just that you have hatred.

Respect Elders in Church

 How can you fight and hate an old person while you are young?  I was taught by Apostle Phakathi to stay and work with elderly people. An elderly person is a blessing to you as young as you are. Yours is to thank God that you understand that he makes errors but take things as they are as God wants you to see him but don’t take advantage of him because of his trespassing.  We have to appreciate that God help us to see wrong but we should not be against our Elders.

That you see me growing up to this stage, it is because of these elders that are around me. We have elderly people who are Overseers and have young Overseers; we should learn to accept each other. You can’t say “fellow brother” to an elder person even if we are in the same level in rank. Give respect to your elders.

Let there be a change in the church. Old people should feel like old and reprimand us when they feel like. Let us have a good approach to them.  For instance, I was led by Father Sbhozo who is much older than me. He led me until now but I never said “My brother” to him. Let us change this year. It doesn’t grant you a right to call an old man by his name because he is overseer just like you and you should not undermine him.

Humanity in Church

Let us stop telling people about gifts that God has given to us. For you to have an ear of the Spirit, humanity is sent to a human being not an animal. Once you have it, the Spirit will descend within you. The love of God will be within you. Where there is God, there is mercy, love, peace and grace.

The house of God needs the wisdom of God to be built. Once the wisdom of God is build, then you will have the Spirit of God. To have the wisdom of God is to have humanity.

Structures of the church should respect the leaders and the leaders should respect the structures. Our project is to build the church of God. We don’t want to build the TACC for we might not build the church of God. The church of people is based on numbers of people sealed. But the church of God is based on quality people that come because of what they accepted in the house of God. 

Forgive one another

Church of Apostle can forgive your sins. You will be amazed when that is happening to you and you believe that indeed the Apostles still exist. What we won’t be able to do, we won’t save you if you take yourself to perish deliberately. Take one step coming to God and He shall take two steps to forgive you.  We will forgive you.


Lastly, if you can come across God stealing your own cow that you like most, what would you do?

If you would let Him do that, why do you fight your officer when he tries to take what you love which is going to kill you? It is because you don’t take them as God. How do you think God looks like? He is like your Officer for God elected him to lead you. They have a duty to save us. Why don’t we handle things that are challenging us as man to man or woman to woman? Let us not make the church to be hell. We must make it as the place of comfort to people.

Jesus says to his Apostles, what you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. It is because they were in one mind with him. What is said by the Spirit on earth is spoken by spirit in heaven. God never saw Apostles as people. If you are a man, who are you to see Apostle as a man though God sees him as God?

When you insult an Apostle you insult Jesus. That is why Jesus said “whosever accept me accept you and God.”

Let me share my story to you.

I was staying with Father Apostle Ntonga and I never bought my own Pyjamas. We were all bachelors. Now, I thought the pyjamas were mine. Then were he got married, Apostle Ntonga’s wife came to fetch his clothes and when I arrived looking for my things, I realised that they were taken away. I was fuming as a result asked him who took my pyjamas? Then he came out and asked “are you referring to mine? I was so shy to realize that I never bought pyjamas. I went to buy them on the following day.

What you have borrowed, you turn to think that it is yours. When God comes to fetch it, you cry thinking that it was yours. What you have, your leaders lifted up their hands to get what you have. The leader that doesn’t contribute tithes thinks that these things are theirs. You must rent to the Master for your body that he borrowed you.

If you don’t contribute tithes and gifts, why do you think God should give you what you want? God doesn’t worry about your gifts and offering as He has everything. But He just wants to check if you do respect Him. God doesn’t need money as He is everything. It’s just that we are tempted by money. If you are an officer who is not contributing tithes, who do you resembles? How do you lift up the hands and bless people if you don’t participate in tithes? How can you give someone something that you don’t have?

The spirit cannot be in you if you don’t contribute tithes and offerings for you will not have the power as the Spirit has not yet descended to you. Even if we can eat tithes, we cannot get reach. Look at you and see how poor you are although you still use Gods’ tithes? You still suffer to date because you don’t contribute tithes. Our God gives you all the riches but you don’t want to give Him back. Why are you doubting to contribute gifts and tithes?

If you don’t trust whether I eat your money or not, rather deposit it to the church account and demand statements and expenditure report as to what it has been spent on. Yes it is the head that controls but it doesn’t mean that he is the one that eats as this money as his duty is to authorize the expenditure.

 The President closed by saying “This is the first chapter of the annual greetings. There are 4 chapters left and you will receive them sooner than later.”


******The End******

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