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Apostle Evangelism Mission to the Indian Sub - continent

We left for India on 16 April, 2015, arriving in Hyderabad next morning. During the next 2 weeks, we managed to visit all but one of the congregations. Visiting our TACC congregations in India is an evening event that can only take place after dark. The communities are really rural communities and work goes on until it is dark. This means that it was mostly midnight before we returned to our hotel. The days were mostly spent on administrative matters.

During our visits, we found that Priest Swam was sick, he is recovering now, but slowly, and that his daughter, Swathi, who is a young Evangelist,  had stepped up and was helping her father with his duties. Sr. Swathi is now a Sub - deacon of TACC.

We left India on 31 March for Bangladesh, arriving at Dhaka on 01 April. We were met at the Airport and taken to the home of Priests Ted and Michael Ghosh. Father and son. A wonderful team, who, with their families, will grow TACC in Bangladesh. After a good night's rest, we left by bus for Mrs Ted' s  family home. There we were welcomed in traditional Bangla fashion. Next morning we continued our journey to a small isolated village where we met all the residents. A fabulous meeting where everybody, including the Hindu Priesthood, asked for, and received the Blessings of the Living God. Back to the Rosario home and next day to Dhaka City, where we spent the next night.

Next morning we were on our way by bus to Barisall where we spent the night in a hotel. Next morning, off again, by bus and boat to another village in the jungle. Again, a wonderful greeting with a full social programme. The 5 boys and 5 girls who danced for us deserve to come to the 'Champ of Champs' to show us Bangla traditions. But these were ALL Hindus! Beautiful! 5 hours journey back to Barisall,  an hour in the Bazaar and an overnight journey by ship to Dhaka City. 2 hours rest, a couple of hours shopping then it was time to go to the airport for our flight home. Just in time for Mother Bill to go straight to Cape Town for the Regional Mothers Prayer meeting.

Praise the Lord for all the love and friendship that we received on our journey.



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